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Why See a Counselor?

There are many reasons why a person might seek counseling. If you are troubled by something and want to talk about it, no problem is too small. In general, it may be helpful to see a counselor if you experience symptoms that interfere with your daily activities, or if your difficulties continue for a long period of time.

Individual Counseling provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with a counselor for guidance and support to resolve an issue, recover from an upsetting experience, explore thoughts and feelings, examine beliefs, and work toward making healthy changes.

Couples Counseling is an opportunity to better understand and work through past or current issues that may have a negative impact on relationships. It is an investment for the long-term, providing couples the skills and strategies they need to manage life together in healthy ways.

Family Counseling brings together members of a family to work through situational or relationship issues. Concerns may include changes in family relationships, conflict, health issues, addiction, or other problems. Counselors help the family recognize their patterns, build on the positive, and develop alternatives, while providing all family members a voice in the process.

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